CMHC Correspondent

All Canadian Mortgage Corporation is an approved CMHC Correspondent with access to all CMHC Lending Programs.

Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation “CMHC” is the only provider in Canada of mortgage loan insurance for the construction, purchase and refinancing of large multi-unit residential properties, including rental buildings, licensed care facilities, retirement homes, and student housing.

CMHC insured financing provides access to competitive interest rates and terms for the life of the mortgage.

CMHC mortgage insurance covers:

  • High ratio construction financing of up to 85% of the lending value for construction, purchase or refinancing of housing for students.
  • Construction and long term financing for rental apartments/condominium buildings, and seniors facilities
  • Non-recourse lending for non-profit housing
  • Rental Rehabilitation Assisted Program (RRAP) to convert or improve rental housing stock.